Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts

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In Remembrance of September 11, 2001

Dedication Dove

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Receive the CD, "A Healing of Hearts" as a Remembrance
for only $6.00 plus shipping and handling
(Tax applies to Colorado residents only)

A portion of the proceeds of the CD a "Healing of Hearts" will be donated to
foundations that support the children effected by the tragedy of 9/11.

We continue to pray for the healing of all hearts everywhere especially, the children.

Order "A Healing of Hearts" CD now.

You can help by becoming a Distributor of the CD, "A Healing of Hearts".
Anyone who is interested in becoming a Distributor of the CD,
"A Healing of Hearts" should call for details on our toll free number:
1-877-442-2743 or write Gabrielle@littlelights.com.

If you wish to become an Independent Distributor personally or through your business or you would like to place "A Healing of Hearts" CD on your web site, Gabrielle Productions, Inc. will offer any Independent Distributor a wholesale price of $5.00 per CD. "A Healing of Hearts" CD retail price would be $6.00. This would enable a distributor to make $1.00 per CD sold. An agreement will be signed between Gabrielle Productions, Inc. and any Independent Distributor with the above stipulations. The Independent Distributor would choose one of the Options listed below to be added to the stipulations in the agreement at the time of signing.

Independent Distributors Options:

Option 1: Give the $1.00 profit back as a donation to the "A Healing of Hearts Fund". If the Independent Distributor opts to donate back the $1.00 of profit, Gabrielle Productions, Inc. will add that $1.00 amount to the money raised through the proceeds of this CD. Checks will then be written directly to individuals who suffered loss on September 11, 2001.

Gabrielle Productions, Inc. will provide mp3 samples of "A Healing of Hearts" music, Song I and Song II, and any additional scanned artwork of the CD for Internet use once provided an ftp address.

Option 2:The Independent Distributor may choose to use the $1.00 profit as a fund raiser for other special causes in order to "pay it forward".

Option 3:The Independent Distributor may choose to keep the $1.00 profit for handling and distribution efforts.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in becoming a Distributor of the CD "A Healing of Hearts", contact us toll free for further details: 1-877-442-2743, or fill out our Distributor Information Sheet and mail to Gabrielle Productions, Inc., PMB 320, Aurora, CO 80013. Thank You.

All music and artwork is copyrighted 2001 by Gabrielle Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. No portion of these recordings or the scanned artwork may be reproduced or used without written permission from Gabrielle Productions, Inc. Contact Gabrielle@littlelights.com.

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