Healing Hearts


My name is Gabrielle and I am an author of children's books and music. A few months before September 11, 2001, I received, through inspiration, two songs that were very different from any music I had ever written before. I was unable to finish one of the songs because I could not capture the middle of the song at that time.

On the early morning of September 11, 2001, I was at my daughter's home and we had been working on a children's musical CD for Little Lights Publishing. She had decided to walk her children to school. I had decided to stay behind. We had not turned on the television that morning so I was not aware of what was taking place in New York. As she went out the door, I received my usual inner nudging to go to the piano whenever I am inspired to write more music.

To my complete amazement, the middle of the first song that would later be entitled "Only Love" on the CD, flew through my fingers and was completed in a matter of minutes. I remember thinking at the time that the music sounded very much like souls flying from the earth. I didn't understand this feeling, yet.

Just as I had finished the song, my daughter came running in the door and told me of the tragic events taking place at that moment. I temporarily forgot the song and we turned on the television and watched the horrendous events, which were still taking place.

The next morning I remembered the song that had been written the morning before.

I told my daughter what had happened after she had left to take her children to school. I played the song for her and she began to cry. She said she felt better and more peaceful. She experienced an emotional healing and release from hearing the songs. More people came to her house that day and listened and they, too, cried and felt the same things.

My daughter began singing words to the song...Love...Only Love...will heal our hearts...Only Love will heal our hearts again.

And so, the two songs were born and the Dedication Dove was drawn by artist, Erin Elizabeth Richardson. From inspiration, she drew the Dove to be a symbol of healing, compassion and hope for all of those hearts everywhere in the world that have suffered loss due to the terrorism that was perpetrated on our country on September 11, 2001.

I made some calls to companies that I work with on a regular basis and "A Healing of Hearts" was born.

The donations and talents of the following individuals and companies are who made this CD possible:

Barry Young, Production Coordinator,
Little Booklets and Manuals (303) 674-1885

Glass Mastering provided by
Disc Mastering (801) 222-0900

CD manufacturing provided by
CODA, Inc. www.coda-inc.com

Print work provided by All Out Digital Copy and
Graphics Center (303) 741-5995

Gabrielle Productions, Inc., www.littlelights.com

Erin Elizabeth Richardson, artwork

Leslee T. Hatton, jacket layout,

All of their efforts were given in the spirit of raising funds for the families and children affected by this most tragic day in our history...

May "A Healing of Hearts" help heal our World...

With gratitude,


Healing Hearts