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Taryn Toad Tosses Pebbles

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"My daughter and I love reading this book. The illustrations are colorful and bring a smile to your face. The writing is descriptive, yet at an age appropriate level. I think we all need to have a Moon Lake to visit, as well as the positive attitude of Taryn. I know my Daughter and I will enjoy this book for years to come. We look forward to more books like Taryn Toad Tosses Pebbles!"

A reader from Evergreen, Colorado
Colorado March 14, 2000

I think "Taryn Toad Tosses Pebbles" is an age (K-2) appropriate book. Educators wishing to build self-esteem in their classroom or school will find this book to be a valuable source. Teaching kids to love themselves, to realize their basic worth, and to respect the needs and feelings of others is so critical. "Taryn Toad Tosses Pebbles" could fit nicely in our first grade unit on self-concept.

Meeker Elementary

Great educational tool! Every psychologist should have one! The book gives great encouragement for self-esteem, positive attitude, and positive goals. Teachers and psychologists could use this self-help tool in a classroom, individually, or in counseling respectively. Children are mesmerized by the illustrations and enjoy learning from the positive attributes of the story and characters."

B.F. and L.F. give it two thumbs up!
B.F., Early Childhood Specialist and E.L.
Elementary Teacher
Jackson Elementary

My kids loved this book!

I am writing this review as a mother of three young children. This book has helped so much with them. It's not only a tool I can use everyday, but also a lifetime tool that teaches my children to value themselves. What an attitude adjustment! Every school/ preschool should utilize the importance of this message. Both of my boys and my daughter love the characters and Taryn Toad is such a positive model for children.

Thank you, Gabrielle for enriching our lives and letting children be children again.

Greeley, Co.

"Taryn Toad Tosses Pebbles", what a fun and thoughtful children's book.

The illustrations are just terrific. Some of the little black and white side bar drawings are as cute as the big four color ones. Taryn couldn't be cuter.

The simple truth is, we all could use a visit to Woodyland and a day on Moon Lake. Lets all lighten up & toss a few pebbles!

Thanks Taryn!!

Barry Young,
Little Booklets
Evergreen ,Colorado



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