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Rainbow Falls in Woodyland.

Feature Product
Taryn's Dictionary

Hi, I'm Taryn Toad and I want to share with you some of my ideas for using my book as a "daily tool". I'm so glad you visited my web page and I know you will like my book. Two of my best friends in Woodyland are in my book, too. You will meet them. Their names are Cameron Cloud and Ole Josin Finn Frog.

I have a song that you will be able to order soon on cassette. My song is Ole Josin Finn Frogall about Moon Pond where I live in Woodyland. I call Moon Pond a lake sometimes because the word "pond" is just another word for a small lake. Now you have learned two words that are alike. Be sure to check my dictionary in my book because you will learn new words that will help you read my story. So here are the words to my new song.

Cameron and Taryn sing.


Future Releases and Announcements

Melissa Mouse trys to decide.


Our second book in the Woodyland series, "Melissa Mouse Learns to Decide". Melissa Mouse helps children with the important steps towards learning to make decisions.

Please subscribe to our e-mail newsletter if you would like to be notified when this book is released.


Works in Progress

We are in the progress of building one of the biggest interactive sites on the world wide web. We would like to invite everyone to visit our site often as we continue our on-going development.


The Woodyland Riddle

SoThe seven paths will be complete when seven little Chickie Birds sing Tweet-Tweet.

Now you see just "Do" and "So" but there's five more Chickie Birds yet to show. Look for each Chickie Bird to appear...then the Woodyland riddle is very near.

There'll be some clues along the visit often every day. You'll have to look everywhere...all around. At the top of the page and then clear down.

A "Chickie Bird" membership is yet to take you on this adventure of fun. Please Visit often and see the riddle unravel. Do


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